Privacy Statement and practical information

For the therapy to run smoothly, it is necessary for me, as your therapist, to build up a file.
This is also a legal obligation imposed by the WGBO. Your file contains notes about your well-being, health and data on the course of the therapy.
The file also contains information that is necessary for your therapy and that I, after receiving your explicit written permission, have requested from another care provider, such as your GP.

I do my best to guarantee your privacy.
This means, among other things, that I:

  • Deal carefully with your personal and medical details,
  • Ensure that unauthorised persons cannot access your data.

As your therapist, I have sole access to the data in your file. I have a legal obligation of confidentiality.

As your therapist, I have sole access to the data in your file. I have a legal obligation of confidentiality.

The data from your file can also be used for the following purposes:

  • To inform other health care providers, for example when the therapy is completed or in the case of a referral to another practitioner. This will only happen with your explicit permission.
  • For anonymised use during peer review or supervision.

A small part of the data from your file is used for financial administration, so that I or my administrator can prepare an invoice.

If I want to use your data for any other reason, I will first ask your explicit permission before I proceed.

Privacy on the healthcare invoice

The following information is required by the healthcare insurer, so that you can submit your claim:

  • Your name, address and place of residence
  • The date of the treatment
  • A brief description of the treatment, being ‘gestalt therapy’ or ‘coaching
  • The costs of the consultation

Reporting protocol for domestic violence and child abuse

Despite my duty of confidentiality, I am obliged to report domestic violence and child abuse.

Period of data retention

The data in the client file will be kept for 15 years, as is required by law. See also your treatment agreement.

Cancellation of appointments

If you cancel an appointment 24 hours in advance, I will not charge you. If you cancel within 24 hours of the appointment, I will unfortunately have to charge you for the session.

If I am ill, I will let you know as soon as possible. In this case there is no obligation of payment. If I am ill or absent for a longer period of time, we will look together for a possible referral. Should I not be able to arrange a referral myself (due to sudden illness), please look at the links page for a fellow Gestalt therapist or contact your GP for appropriate follow-up treatment.

Termination of therapy/coaching

The therapy/coaching is concluded with a final evaluation session. You can terminate the therapy at any time, my preference is to decide this together. I would prefer to know in advance that we are entering our final appointment/evaluation meeting. Then I can take this into account.


I am not available 24 hours a day and not every day of the week, so I cannot offer crisis care. That is why I work mainly with clients able to. handle this kind of guidance. Should a crisis situation arise unexpectedly, you can contact the crisis service via your GP or GP’s surgery.

Complaints procedure

If you are not satisfied with the therapy or my method of working, I would like to hear from you personally. We will regularly evaluate the process and adjust the therapy/coaching accordingly. This will allow me to better tailor the counselling to your needs and to further develop myself. We could also involve another healthcare professional, if we are unable to work things out together.
If this does not help the situation, there is also a complaints procedure via the professional associations NVAGT, RBCZ, TCZ, and the complaints committee SCAG.

Safe Incident Reporting (VIM)

Based on the Wkkgz, I am required to record incidents and discuss them with colleagues.

Please feel welcome to come,
just as you are.