Taking time for change can save you a lot of grief later. When you ignore your emotions and feelings, they can live a life of their own, which can give you the feeling that you are no longer behind the wheel.

Uncomfortable feelings play a part during transitions, even when we’ve been looking forward to the change; completing a study, getting married or having a child. You may expect to feel very happy but notice that there are other feelings there too, alongside or even instead of happiness. Friends and family also expect you to feel a certain way, which can make you doubt yourself even more. These expectations and judgements about how you should feel can distract from your real feelings and needs. Sometimes this even leads to the rejection of who you essentially are.

Staying in fallow ground on the way to new places

Having knowledge is a revered phenomenon in this society, so there is little or no attention paid to the “not knowing” that is inherent in change. The not knowing how or what, the void or liminal area is an important part of transition and can reveal unprecedented creativity if you pay attention to it.

Uncomfortable feelings such as loneliness or gloom, and also fear of the future can arise. On further exploration you may find that these feelings are not all that crazy.

Gestalt guidance allows you to take time for transitions. You can gain insight in the meaning of your feelings and discover your (new) needs. This often gives you more (breathing) space to experience more peace and self-acceptance. Finding out what is best for you in your new situation, is an important part of the process. Sometimes just telling your story can be a relief.

If similar situations have occurred in the past, and you notice that they are influencing this transition, I can offer you support in giving closure to these in the present.

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